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What Are The Causes Of Cocaine Withdrawal

Medical detox can help contain the psychological side effects of Cocaine withdrawal, like depression for example.

What Are The Causes Of Cocaine Withdrawal

Cocaine affects people by giving them a high amount of pleasure, it works by increasing high levels of dopamine in the brain, thus sending the users into a euphoric state which gives them a lot of pleasure. Prolonged use of Cocaine establishes tolerance to dopamine thereby developing secretion on high levels as induced by the drug. This leads to addicts needing Cocaine to create any dopamine in their brain or even to feel "usual". Therefore, quitting the addiction can be a real struggle because withdrawal symptoms will occur. The withdrawal symptoms are sometimes very severe such that the addicts opt to use the drug just to avoid them.

The rate at which Cocaine was used and the dosage is what determines just how severe these side effects will be.

The Symptoms Of Withdrawal

After the final hit of Cocaine is done, the side effects of quitting follow shortly after, since the "high" felt lasts for a short time only. For the users to postpone the impending side effects, they go on a Cocaine spree or use more of the substance in short time intervals. They put themselves at risk of a life-threatening overdose when they do this.

Withdrawal Duration

Some withdrawal symptoms are life threatening, they may lead to depression which leads the user to have suicidal thoughts. Immediately after you have stopped using Cocaine, you will start experiencing some of the symptoms. During the month the user stopped using Cocaine, the severity of the side effects and the urges are much worse. Addicts can experience withdrawal side effects for months after their last use. Many people fail to stop using it become of the uneasiness that comes with the withdrawal.

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Below are some of the withdrawal symptoms of Cocaine use

  • Desire to eat increases
  • Distress
  • Uneasiness
  • exhaustion
  • edginess
  • Suicidal
  • Unhappiness
  • Bad dreams or Nightmares

Duration Of The Effects Of Stopping Cocaine Use

As soon as you stop using this drug, you will start feeling the side effects. Addicts will feel extreme hunger, anxiety, irritation and tiredness. During the prevalence of the symptoms mentioned earlier, the actual Cocaine cravings is less intense.

The craving for Cocaine will increase, it will keep on increasing until the moment where it feels unbearable for the user. This stage is where the dependent is tired due to the struggle with the symptoms but unable to sleep. Users will experiences mood swings, they may feel very depressed, and have trouble sleeping due to nightmares.

The desire to use Cocaine increases and the person starts to feel despair and depression. During the recovery or withdrawal period, the patient becomes emotionally unstable and confused. Users will also show the symptoms of being impatient, due to unstable emotions they get angry and offended easily.

When detox starts to work and the body normalizes, these withdrawal symptoms start to go away. However, it should be noted that the desire to use Cocaine can still occur. Not only the craving, but the restless feeling and anxiety will also occur sometimes.

Detoxification And Treatment

There is a program which is called supervised detox, this program is made to give the addicts a safe environment so they can recover however they need to be committed. Every Cocaine addict needs different treatment, some of them might not need full-time medical attention while trying to quit. A good alternative that doesn't take up much of the user's times and also leads to success is outpatient treatment. For 10-12 hours every week addicts go to a hospital or a treatment centre. As the patient recovers from their dependency, on-site medical practitioners and advisers assess them physically and mentally.

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Treatment For Crack Dependence

Nervousness, cravings and depression are some of the hardest withdrawal side effects to deal with when it comes to Cocaine dependency.

When it comes to the side effects of quitting Cocaine, there are no medically certified medications. Overcoming Cocaine dependency can be much easier and efficient with psychotherapy and social groups.

There is also twelve-step groups like Narcotics Anonymous, this group provides the addicts with an encouraging environment which can give them emotional support.

There are also community-based support and counselling institutions extending services and help to recovering addicts. There is a well-known counselling support system aimed at recovering addicts know as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

There is always a way out from the addiction of crack. If you are interested in overcoming Cocaine addiction contact us now.