Crack Cocaine Addiction and Abuse in Wiltshire Wiltshire

What Is Crack Cocaine

Addiction to crack will never stop coming since the first try. In fact, it will grow so much in you until it becomes your primary need as you crave for the "high" state.

It is termed a hard rug due to its make up but appearance can be deceiving, it is white, the colour of purity but it is far from it. Crack comes in form of "rocks" which is created when the original mix of ammonia or baking soda with Cocaine powder dries off. Inhalation of smoke from burning it is the method used to ingest it.

It is said that the name crack is derived from its sound during the heating process of making it. Although it is mostly referred to as crack, it has other street names, such as dice, hard rocks, nuggets, snow coke, hail, candy and more.

We offer help to those who want to quit their addiction, it could be you or someone around you. If anyone is fighting crack addiction, contact us and we will help you.

Using crack is regarded as abuse at all times since it is an illegal drug. Inhalation being its favoured method of ingestion, its delivery to the brain s rapid. Even so, the high moment caused by crack Cocaine lasts for a short time only.

Crack Cocaine is a highly risky drug because of its potency which makes lethal overdose a real possibility. Overdosing may even happen to first-time users of crack.

crack cocaine use causes;

  • Euphoria. Those who consume crack will have their brain producing a high amount of dopamine which triggers extreme pleasure.
  • Being extremely active
  • Anxiety
  • Talking too much
  • dexterity

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An overdose can be one big hit or gradual summation of small hit over a short period.

Dilated pupil and sweating are the beginning of being overdose. Nervousness, aggressive behaviour, seizures and/or hallucinations are some of the symptoms of an overdose. Underlying renal disorders and hypertension worsen the outcome of crack.

Crack Cocaine Dependency

Ordinary Cocaine is far less addictive and strong than crack Cocaine. It can be said that it is highly likely for a first-time crack user to develop the addiction. Addicts need a bigger dose of the substance to keep the high they feel that is so enjoyable, but also very short. Without the users realizing it, they have already been strangled by the addiction to crack Cocaine after some time. They will no longer feel normal without the crack Cocaine because crack Cocaine damages their brain.

Withdrawal symptoms are more likely to be exhibited by newly addicted crack smokers when attempting to stop its use. Crack releases extreme amounts of dopamine, a chemical that creates a feeling of happiness in the brain and smoking crack decreases natural creation of dopamine, which is why the previously mention things happen.

It is very hard to stop using crack because it creates extreme cravings, as well as undesirable withdrawal side effects that users want to avoid. Most of the crack Cocaine users are aware of the negative impacts the substance may cause in their life and body. The worst part is they choose to be ignorant to it and keep consuming it.

How One Starts Using Crack

Smoking of crack Cocaine is more likely done by existing Cocaine users. It is observed that Cocaine snorters graduates to smoking or freebasing. Reasons may point to the quickness of the high and the relatively cheaper cost of freebasing or smoking crack Cocaine compared to Cocaine powder. That is why almost anyone who can't afford the rich man's drug is able to buy crack Cocaine. However, a crack addiction can become a very expensive habit since addicts need bigger doses to maintain their high, which might end up costing them multiple hundreds or thousands of dollars per week.

How One Starts Using Statistics

The limited facts and figures available are the ones used to calculate the stats on its abuse because it is an illicit drugs.

Getting Out Of Crack's Grip

While using crack, your mindset has been changed completely into thinking that you can not be 'normal' without it or that you can not be happy without it. Let it be known to you that that mindset can be turned around into its normal state. The only way to do it is to be drug free by following proper treatment. Act now and take the initial decisive step to regain your life!