Dilaudid Addiction and Abuse in Wiltshire Wiltshire

Dependency To Dilaudid

An aesthetic drug that is derived from morphine is called Dilaudid. It possesses a strong potential for addiction and abuse, as it produces a "high" similar to Heroin.

This drug is among the key potent synthetic narcotics found in the Opioid class of drugs and you can develop an addiction to it quickly after prolonged use. Those who are frequently taking Dilaudid can develop tolerance to it, with a requirement of larger and more regular doses to reach their desired level of effect. In the case of a tolerance issue, the patients will take the pills more regularly which can be checked by them finishing their prescription ahead of the recommended time.

A tolerance to Dilaudid is developed in the users within two or three weeks.

Withdrawal symptoms may be experienced by those who are facing a Dilaudid tolerance, once they quit taking this drug. A user who is contemplating on stopping its use but is unable to is considered to be addicted to Dilaudid.

If you see this behaviour in anybody they may be on Dilaudid

  • Getting obsessed with the next dose
  • Spending extravagant amounts of money on the drug
  • Neglecting other duties such as work or even school work
  • The need for a higher dose to get high on Dilaudid
  • Neglecting family and friends in order to use the drug
  • Shoplifting the drug
  • Fake recommendation of the drug.
  • Buying Dilaudid online or off the street

It should not come as a surprise when Dilaudid users get involved in some criminal activities in their quest to get more of the drug.

Explaining Dilaudid Hydromorphone

For prescribed moderate to severe pain, Dilaudid (Hydromorphone) is a schedule II controlled substance. This drug acts by attaching to receptors in the brain as well as the central nervous system to reduce the pain. The feeling of well-being is produced as the drug impacts the pleasure centre of the brain.

Most of the people who are hooked to Dilaudid may end up 'doctor shopping' to obtain new prescriptions, they may see many doctors with the common complaint of having a chronic pain.

Physicians usually prescribe Dilaudid to deal with cancer related pain besides handling that occasioned by major injuries such as burns. The drug acts in just 15 minutes and its eventual effects last for about 6 hours.

This drug is normally prescribed by doctors in small doses, 2mg to 4mg. Some of the pills come in round shape while others come in triangular shape. As an oral liquid, Dilaudid is also available. Doctors may administer Dilaudid intravenously in a hospital setting.

This drug is also referred to as Exalgo, Palladone and Dilaudid-hp. Dillies, Big D, M-80s and Peaches are the street names for this drug.

Effects And Abuse Of Dilaudid

Experienced addicts usually prefer to inject the drug since this route results in stronger effects compared to just swallowing the drug. Some addicts also grind the drug and inhale it.

Just as is the case for other opiates, people get hooked to Dilaudid due to the immense euphoric feeling that is associated with it. People may become a potential addict when they use more than the recommended dosage because they don't feel the effect of the drug as they had hoped. However, overdose may also affect those abusing the drug.

Dilaudid abuse is usually considered to be any use of it in a manner that's not prescribed by a physician. This includes taking Dilaudid without a prescription or in higher doses.

There may be deadly consequence of over reliance on this drug. There may be a situation of malfunctioning of heart and respiratory organs if Dilaudid is abused.

Some symptoms of a Dilaudid overdose include

  • Strange looking pupils
  • Slow Pulse
  • Shallow breathing
  • Unconsciousness
  • Bluish-coloured lips
  • Vomiting

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Common Drug Combinations

Recreational abusers of the drug usually mix it with alcohol and or Benzodiazepines to achieve a profound high. The central nervous system is depressed by these three drugs. A mixture of these drugs could amplify their effects but it could potentially slow the breathing as well as heart rates. A fatal dose could be easily consumed with a mixture of these drugs.

Dilaudid addicts continues trying to replicate this "rush" because they often want to relive the euphoric and relaxed feelings they initially experience with the drug. This usually leads to the abuse of harder drugs, for instance Heroin, a more accessible option.


A number of people who stop using Dilaudid on their own often relapse. The support as well as medical assistance of a professional treatment could simplify the quitting process. Counselling and medications for cravings and withdrawal are what treatment for Dilaudid addiction often involves. Get help from the various Dilaudid treatment centres available all over the country.