Hallucinogens Addiction and Abuse in Wiltshire Wiltshire

What Is A Hallucinogen?

There are dangerous dark sides of some of the substances that people overuse. Improve your understanding of the common types of hallucinogens.

These mind-altering drugs have been in existence and used for centuries.

Drug abuse can result in chronic addiction for anybody age or the supposed precaution notwithstanding.

Discover more about getting treatment for a dependence on psychoactive drugs.

Hallucinogens Abuse

Most of the preceding hallucinogens are illegal, and extremely regulated, any use; no matter how insignificant should be cause for alarm. Dependence on these substances may result from using too much of them and that can endanger the life of the addict and his or her loved ones.

Hallucinogenic substances vary in form and have been statistically shown to be a primary cause for abuse.

Hallucinogens Drug Reliance And Obsession

Although becoming addicted to these types of psychoactive drugs is more uncommon than other drugs, a lot of users find themselves developing a dependency upon them. The desire to consume more of the drug to have the desired effect is a sign that the user has become physically addicted to it. This also becomes familiar when the user quits the drugs and goes through the withdrawal process.

A mental and emotional addiction occurs once

  • There is a need to ingest the drug on a more regular basis
  • Goes through extremes to get the drug
  • Begins maintaining a strategic distance from friends or loved ones for utilizing the drug
  • The continuation of the drug is being used regardless of the recognized issues

Dejection is another problem that dependence on psychoactive substances can lead to. If you believe you need help, seek it, do not go through this alone.


Phencyclidine (PCP) is an aesthetic experience that was banned for human consumption and use back in 1965. This drug enables the users to experience an "out of body" feel, but as the user comes down from the effects of PCP they become increasingly flustered and unreasonable.

PCP is utilised as an additive to numerous other street drugs (including marijuana, LSD and methamphetamine). This improves their hallucinogenic impacts. PCP is snorted, smoked, injected or swallowed, mainly circulated as a powder.

An overdose of PCP will result in the user going into convulsions, becoming delirious, or unconscious. PCP-prompted deaths are most regular when the user commits suicide or has a mischance because of their changed condition of awareness. PCP is otherwise called

  • Angel dust
  • Embalming fluid
  • Ozone
  • Zoom
  • Super grass
  • Peace pills


Lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD as it is commonly known, is a highly effective and influential hallucinogenic drug. LSD was initially utilized as a part of psychiatric treatment and research. In 1980 and thereabout, experts proved that the drug has no healing effect.

Nowadays it is classed as a Schedule I drug. Along with Ketamine and MDMA, young people now use too much of this drug while partying.

LSD affects the message-carrying brain cells, the part that is responsible for behaviour, sensitivity and direction. By meddling with these, LSD makes psychedelic impacts where the client puts some distance between realities and has dreams along with mixing of the senses.


Psychedelic mushrooms are also known as Psilocybin, magic mushrooms or shrooms contain Hallucinogenic drugs psilocybin and psilocin; these mushrooms belong to the genus Psilocybe which has over 100 species. Both these chemicals are psychedelic and have hallucinogenic properties similar to LSD.

Psilocybin is a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act, which implies it has no identifiable medical use and a high potential for abuse. Effects varying from increased sensory experiences to decreased judgment and inability to distinguish between actuality and fantasy can be caused by Psychedelic mushrooms. Some known effects apart from accidents are

  • Scary hallucinations
  • Hopelessness
  • Panic
  • Overpowering Fear

Mescaline And Peyote

Peyote cactus is the home of another psychedelic drug known as mescaline. The Peyote cactus is native to North America, and the indigenous people have used its hallucinogenic properties for ages. The drug was so important to the Native American culture that one of the foundations in which their church was built on was to protect their right to consume the drug.

The negative effects of Mescaline surpass potential good in the eyes of the government, although it has been recommended to be effectual in treating depression and alcoholism. It is a Schedule I drug.

The fitness and health, personality, previous drug related issues and assumptions of use are all varying factors that can outline the mental effects caused by someone who consumes mescaline. Usual side effects of mescaline and peyote are

  • Distorted sense of body
  • Clear mental images
  • A modified adaptation of the surroundings
  • Changed perception of time
  • Not sure what is reality

Bath Salts

Bath salts, a mixture of manufactured stimulants, don't have a particular chemical makeup. With the chief component frequently being a man-made form of cathinone (a substance found in khat), every group of bath salts may differ slightly. To make matters worse, a lot of drug labs producing them will mess with the chemical balance slightly to avoid being stopped by the regulations in federal law.

The cause of numerous strange and annoying incidents beginning in 2012 have been bath salts. The most published incident involved a Miami man, ages 31, who after taking the drug assaulted a homeless man, removed his clothing and began to chew and eat his face. Numerous other crisis room visits including shower salts saw the client guaranteeing to have seen evil spirits and beasts.

Salvia Divinorum

Salvia divinorum (salvia or sage of diviners) is a mind altering plant that produces delusions and apparitions. Salvia divinorum, sometimes known as Sage of the Seers or the Diviner's Sage, can lead to a feeling of passing through time and flying or floating above the ground. Other physical effects include dizziness, lack of coordination, chills and nausea. The United States has legalized salvia divinorum.


Because it can intoxicate people and suppress their feelings, our body contains GHB and is used to achieve these objectives. GHB affects dulls the functions of the central nervous system and resulting side effects are dependent on dosage taken and if they have also taken other drugs. Euphoria, decreased inhibitions, insomnia, disorientation, loss of coordination and decreased heart rate are the most frequently reported side effects of GHB.

Getting Help For Addiction

Do not go through this alone, if you or someone close to you is suffering from the addiction of hallucinogenic drugs; seek help. There are innumerable treatment centres in the UK that can help you beat your addiction. Get your life once more from fixation and call us today.