Legal Highs Addiction and Abuse in Wiltshire Wiltshire

New psychoactive substances - regularly erroneously called legitimate highs - contain at least one compound substances which deliver comparative impacts to unlawful medications (like cocaine, cannabis and delight).

Although some of these so-called 'legal highs' have been legal in the past, many are currently illicit. These substances are banned to produce, use or supply for human or personal consumption after The Psychoactive Substances Act introduced in 2016. The term new psychoactive substances is more accurate than legal highs even if it sounds like an awkward term. You'll still find people discussing legal highs, and just because it's a widely understood term, you might still find it used on this web. Be that as it may, they're all unlawful when the new law becomes effective.

There's not enough understood about many of these drugs to learn about their effects on people, their potency, or what happens when they're used with other substances or alcohol 'The packaging might state a list of components but you can't be sure that this is what's inside. So you can't generally make certain what you've purchased or been given, or what impact it's probably going to have on you or your companions. Many NPS are sold under brand names like 'Mary Jane', 'Bliss', 'Clockwork Orange' and some have been connected to poisoning, emergency hospital admissions and, in some cases deaths.

New Psychoactive Substances And Its Effects In Wiltshire

The four major categories discussed below can be used to describe the significant effects of nearly all psychoactive drugs.

Although the intensity and potency may vary among substances under a category, they bring mostly the same type of effect or effects.

Stimulants In Wiltshire

You feel good, active, thrilled, friendly and euphoric after taking mephedrone, naphyrone etc. (amphetamines, cocaine, or ecstasy).

Sedatives Or Downers In Wiltshire

Also called Downers (such as methoxetamine, GBH/GBL) have similar effects to GHB/GBL or benzodiazepines drugs (e.g. diazepam or Valium) of being able to make you feel sleepy, relaxed or euphoric.

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Hallucinogens And Psychedelics In Wiltshire

These are hallucinogenic substances that mimics the effects of LSD and ketamine (popular legal high existing in the market is called NBOMe).

These drugs can initiate sentiments of happiness, warmth, illumination and isolates the user from the world around you and it also creates perceptions like you fantasize (seeing as well as listening to things that aren't there).

Synthetic Cannabinoids In Wiltshire

(like Spice or Black Mamba) act same as cannabis.

Although different in chemical composition, it is claimed to bring the same effects of cannabis that include changes in mood, perception and consciousness.