Methadone Addiction and Abuse in Wiltshire Wiltshire

Know About Methadone

Methadone is a synthetic form of opioid used in treating serious pains. Commonly used to curb addictions to other opiates like heroine.

Methadone though an addictive substance, is generally utilized as an approach to control yearnings for different sedatives.

Because it is easy to get addicted to Methadone, even though using it is lawful, it has been classified as a Schedule II substance by the government of America. Hydrocodone and morphine are also designated as scheduled II drugs.

It targets the same areas of the brain as other opiates hence easing withdrawal.

Abusing Methadone

It is more readily available than other drugs because it is designed to cure drug dependence. But it is an intense sedative with possibly addictive qualities. Methadone does not produce a state of elation similar to heroin or morphine and the drug is intended to do the inverse; the medication is planned to obstruct the sensations of happiness produced by different sedatives. Addicts will go to any length to feel the high, that is why they abuse Methadone.

The usage is considered abusive, if somebody utilizes more Methadone than the recommended dose, or utilize it without a specialist's prescription.

Those who have a prior problem with opiates, like heroin, are at an increased risk of forming a Methadone dependency when they start taking it to treat their dependency.

Addiction To Methadone

Methadone use often starts in good faith, to curb an addiction to other opiates. Due to the nature of Methadone this good faith could breed an addiction.

A user could become addicted to Methadone as it soothes the user's pain. As the body adapts to the constant use of Methadone its effects are diminished hence desired results can only be achieved with higher doses.

Methadone And Other Substances

Methadone develop negative interactions with other substances like alcohol being a depressant. Addiction to more than one depressant at a time is not uncommon e.g. Methadone addiction and alcoholism. This is a lethal dual as the body's vital signs may be slowed down below the normal range.

The use of Methadone with other herb or drugs is highly prohibited by doctors. You should seek assistance today if you or a loved one is suffering from Methadone addiction.

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Methadone Use And The Statistics

From 1996 to 2006, there has been a spike in Methadone related fatalities (the spike is suspected to have been caused by an increased intake due to its pain relieving abilities) from 790 to 5,420.

Back in 2008 750,000 Methadone prescriptions were written by the medical fraternity for pain relief.

Between 2000 and 2001 the number of people that were treated for abuse of other opiates, which includes Methadone increased from 28,235 to 36,265.

Methadone is a main culprit in 33% pain management related over sedative deaths.

Fighting Your Methadone Addiction

Methadone, similar to some other sedative is extremely difficult to stop. It does not create severe addictions like highly addictive heroin, still it causes huge withdrawal manifestations and thus its difficult to overcome all alone. Pick up your phone and contact us on 0800 772 3971 so we can help you on your road to recovery from Methadone abuse.