Benzodiazepines Xanax Addiction and Abuse in Wiltshire Wiltshire

Dependent Upon Xanax

Xanax is a benzodiazepine applied to cure lack of sleep and agitation. The medication is to a great degree addictive and ought to just be utilized under a specialist's supervision. Panic attacks, sleep issues and anxiety are frequently treated with Xanax which is a strong benzodiazepine that requires prescription. Taking it for a long time is dangerous because the possibility of getting addicted to it. In the UK, the medicine most prescribed by a psychiatrist is Xanax. The medication is as much as 20 times more powerful than Valium. 70% of the teenagers who are addicted to Xanax commonly obtain the drug from the medicine cabinet of the family.

Once the user needs bigger doses to feel the same effects that he or she felt at the beginning, the addiction to Xanax has developed. Xanax dependence can result in a person taking up to 30 pills on a given day.

Withdrawal effects that may be experienced when a person stops taking the drug include fatigue, lack of coordination and tremors. An addiction can be easily identified thanks to these symptoms. Some of the strongest signs that a person is addicted to the drug is when they need higher doses to feel its effects and when they experience withdrawal symptoms when they don't take the drug.

Getting the drug will be the most important thing for the addict, and commitments will be ignored.

There are more social signs of a Xanax addiction such as

  • The continued use of Xanax despite its contribution to personal difficulties
  • Powerlessness to quit utilizing Xanax notwithstanding the longing to
  • Not finding joy in things that once interested you
  • Fixating on getting and utilizing Xanax
  • Using more Xanax than you intended to
  • Legal problems which are resultant because of continued use of Xanax
  • Risky behaviours like driving when under the influence of Xanax

To have healthy quitting of Xanax it is imperative counting on professional help from a doctor when the addiction has grown in the user. Xanax withdrawal symptoms are similar to alcohol or barbiturate withdrawal though the severity of the symptoms can vary. If seizures happen, abstinence from Xanax could be fatal.

The withdrawal process requires a gradual reduction of the dosage of Xanax and the eventual switch of the user to a form of the drug which is long-acting over a period of time. The slow lessening of this medication aids in decreasing abstinence signs.

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What Is Xanax

Xanax is the brand name for alprazolam, a medicine narcotic in the benzodiazepines family. Benzodiazepines were initially developed as an alternative for barbiturates.

Xanax can affect the brain along with the central nervous system [CNS]. Gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA is a brain chemical that reduces the activity of nerve cells in the brain and the use of Xanax increases the production of this chemical. Taking Xanax induces a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

Lack of coordination and irregular talking are typical effects of Xanax because it slows down the CNS.

Xanax is dispensed in 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg and 2 mg strengths. The pills vary in shapes and colours according to the doses. The white, rectangular ones are the 2mg ones. The other doses are oval in shape and coloured white for the .25 mg, orange for the .5mg, and blue for the 1 mg. According to the Controlled Substance Act, Xanax has a schedule IV regulation.

Following the usage of Xanax the maximum effects of the medication are usually sensed in one to two hours. It stays in the body for 12 or 15 hours, which make it in an intermediate drug according to its lasting.

How Long The Body Maintains Benzos

  • Trade Names
  • Halcion Xanax Librium
  • Length of action
  • Fast-acting moderate slow-acting
  • Lasting
  • 2-4 12-15 10-30

Common street names for Xanax include

  • Xannies or zannies
  • Handlebars
  • Bars
  • Blue footballs
  • Benzos

Common Xanax Drug Mixes

Xanax is usually taken together with liquor or other drugs, specifically opiates, to experience a stronger intoxication. Users of heroin or methadone habitually take Xanax. Likewise, around 40 percent of heavy drinkers routinely mishandle Xanax. Liquor is especially perilous when blended with Xanax since they are both depressants, which can prompt to an overdose and respiratory disappointment.

Over Using Xanax And The Effects

Using higher than the recommended dose or taking Xanax with no doctor's prescription is regarded as misuse of the medication. However, it is also possible for people who are following a prescription to become addicted to Xanax.

Abuse of Xanax involves

  • Consuming several pills
  • Injecting the drug
  • Snorting the drug
  • Taking it via blotter paper
  • Using it together with other medications or liquor

Its relaxing features are the main reason for the overuse of Xanax. A few people abuse Xanax by taking it in higher measurements and consolidating it with different medications or liquor so as to accomplish the sought high.

Overdose can likewise happen if the pills are pounded or bit, as the medication is intended to be time-discharged into the framework. Xanax is designed to be released slowly so crushing or chewing the drug increases the possibility of overdosing on the drug. Xanax overdose signs include

  • Disorientation
  • Decrease in pulse rate
  • Severe sleepiness
  • Breathing problems
  • Fainting or loss of balance
  • Weakness in the muscles
  • Coma

Cure for excessive dose of Xanax would base on the amount of the medication that was consumed and if some other medications or liquor were ingested as well. In the case of excessive dose, healthcare professionals could push the stomach to eliminate as much of the undigested Xanax as they possibly can. Flumazenil can also be administered to counter the effects of the Xanax. An IV with fluids may be also used. If you have suffered an overdose, it is important that you let the medical personnel know exactly what you have taken and how much of it you've taken.

Xanax Abuse And The Statistics

Defeating Xanax dependency is not simple, however, individuals accomplish it daily. Your chances of recovering from Xanax addiction are much higher if you go for a treatment program that offers medically supervised detox. If you need to find a treatment centre for Xanax addiction, get in touch with us on 0800 772 3971.