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What Is An Intervention?

A professional directed and education process which is a face to face meeting of family members, friends and/or employer with the person in trouble with drugs or alcohol is known as intervention. Addicts are in many cases unwilling to look for treatment and usually deny their issues. Majority of them have not experience of disorientation caused by negative effects of addiction. Intervention aids them in connecting their troubles in life with their substance abuse.

The aim of the intervention is to give a structured chance to the addict to accept help and to avoid hitting rock bottom by making changes on time.

How Does The Intervention Work?

Most of the intervention process is information and education for the family and friends. The chance for everyone to come together, support each other and share information is critically vital. When all are ready, a meeting is arranged with the affected individual where all are worried about it.

Can An Addiction Experts Help?

You're unable to manage addiction, make time and discuss with alcohol and addiction counsellor, social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist to show you the right intervention. The expert will consider the specific conditions for drug and alcohol addicts and propose the best approach, and give direction to what kind of treatment and follow-up plan is probably going to work best.

Intervention is performed without the Intervention experts but you can take expert guidance also. There is no specific designated place for intervention. In order to help you stay on track, it is important to have the professional attend the actual intervention if your loved one

  • Has a history of serious mental illness
  • Has a past history of violence
  • Has recently talked about suicide or shown suicidal behaviour
  • Is dependent on mood swing tranquilizers.

If you think the person you care about might behave in a violent or self-destructive way, then it is particularly important to talk with an intervention expert.

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Can Intervention Lead To Success?

Absolutely. Statistics indicate that 90% of people in addiction compromising situation are committed to get help it it's carried out by trained and trusted experts.

Does Intervention Fail?

Sure. However, the majority of interventions give the desired result, as was mentioned above. An individual sometimes avoid to take help at the Intervention process, but return back to us for help in some cases.

Who Gets Involved In Doing An Intervention?

The majority of interventions that give desired results are directed by an expert and Drug Rehab Wiltshire knows that. Who to be invited to participate in the intervention is being determine with the help interventionist. Including the right people in the program is the first step towards achieving the overall intervention objective.

Where Do You Begin?

Not all families or all situations might benefit or even need an intervention. You should contact your nearest Drug Rehab Wiltshire Affiliate to find out what may be best for you or your family if you feel an intervention could be helpful.