How To Stay Sober After Rehab after-rehab

From The Treatment Centre And Back To Reality

Achieving sobriety is definitely an accomplishment which is incredible. However, remaining sober is another challenge by itself. Identifying new activities to do will help a person keep away from the drugs.

An atmosphere with good social backing that enables users to maintain abstinence by encouragement of security and contentment is the rehabilitation centre.

The environment in these facilities is one that can help a person stop the use or even the urge of taking drugs.

It may be demanding to adapt to living in abstinence outside the centre even when leaving the centre is interesting.

Being able to recognize your stressors or triggers proves very helpful in maintaining status quo. Staying sober after leaving the facility becomes easier because of the education.

Avoiding Temptations After Coming Out Of Rehab

It is usually challenging to change surroundings from the rehabilitation centre back to staying at home.

Circumstances that may precipitate relapse to previous unhealthy lifestyle are often faced by going back home.

Finding yourself in old familiar places, situations and people that bring back those negative emotions may drive you back to the old habits.

Here are few things you can engage in as distractions to manage triggers

  • Joining Support Groups
  • Find yourself among positive friends and loved ones who genuinely care for your welfare.
  • Ensure you are part of a local support group on whom you can count for help.
  • Refresh Your Crowd and Everyday Surroundings
  • Ensure your house is free of any traces of drugs before you move into it after completing rehab.
  • Don't go near places which make you want to use the addicted substance again.
  • Set Goals For The Future
  • It makes it less difficult to resist when enticed if there are objectives to follow.
  • Staying sober becomes easier when you know and define why you want sobriety and how your life will be richer for it.
  • Scheduled Meetings Must Be Attended
  • If you have a set of follow-up appointments scheduled with your rehabilitation centre or the doctor you should not be looking to avoid the meetings.
  • Always keep in mind that the experience and information you will get from your counsellors will equip you with skills and coping mechanisms that you may not figure on your own.
  • Take time to appreciate.
  • Recognition of good things we have going for us is more possible when we have a grateful heart.
  • Five circumstances that bring joy and satisfaction should be documented every passing day.
  • Engage In Positive New Activities And Improve the Old Ones
  • The change of lifestyle can take sometime to fully get the groove of it but it's all worth it in the end.

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Engage With Positive Recreational Activities Or Pastimes

Giving up old habits and forming new, positive ones are essential to staying clean.

In the absence of alcohol and other substances, non-indulgent habits can still be interesting.

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The change from rehabilitation centre to home can be made harmless by doing the following

  • Workout
  • Refection
  • Involvement in athletics
  • Studying
  • Visit a shop for arts and crafts
  • Seeking formal education
  • Studying a new language
  • Cultivation
  • Offer humanitarian services

Seek Outlets That Provide A Community Sense

Nearly in every city and locality, several local groups offer support to people on their way to recovery. Involvement in jobs and hobbies with like minds, participation in social meetings, going for psychological consultations enables you to keep inspiring people within reach.

Participation in numerous types of continuing care, which include therapy, check-ups, 12-step meetings and alternative support groups is also recommended.

Can You Keep Sober When In The Presence Of Alcohol Or Drugs

Those that are freshly out of rehab should totally run from enticing atmosphere because they do not have strong resolutions like those that have achieved abstinence for quite sometimes. It is harder for a novice to fight against the urge because they still pretty much have the same lifestyle.

With that said, if you know that you'll be in a situation where people around you might be drinking and some might even offer you one, you can use a time-tested strategy to overcome temptation.

What to do to resist urges in social gatherings

  • Keeping a company that is sober is one of the best way to overcome this.
  • Only pick non-alcoholic beverages and keep them in your hands to keep you occupied.
  • Arrive later and/or leave earlier to shorten your stay at the party.
  • At the slightest sign of urge to drink or use, exit the vicinity.

The Advantages To Be Derived From Getting And Staying Clean

Your general well being will be improved when you start being sober. Embarking on a sober life is definitely worth the difficulty and the reasons go far beyond the physical benefits which will become attainable. One should maintain sobriety for these additional purposes

  • Making new and sober friends
  • Having new investments
  • Enjoyment of living
  • Ability to focus on other pleasurable activities
  • Physical and mental improvements
  • For other users trying to be sober, you can be a role model

Recovering from an addiction of drugs or alcohol could be one of the hardest things you will ever have to overcome. Don't expect a bump-free ride to recovery; you will have to work hard continuously. The will to be sober will help you in the recovery process in the long run even when it is a challenging process.

Every journey always begins with a small step in the right direction. Whenever a temptation beholds you strongly, divert your mind and focus on the reasons which encouraged you to become and stay sober in the first place.