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Drinking During The Maternity Period

It can be said that pregnancy while recovering from addiction is very dangerous especially when it comes to the effects of relapse to both the mother and the unborn.

Alcoholism during pregnancy is found to be very detrimental to the unborn. The child who is still developing within the womb of the mother does not have a liver which functions adequately to process the alcohol in the manner of an adult liver. In the UK, it is found out that the leading cause of birth defects and other developmental disabilities is substance abuse of the mother. There's no consensus among doctors on how much alcohol is safe during pregnancy. It is highly recommended that pregnant women about alcohol intake during gestation.

The foetus usually comes in contact with the alcohol drank by the mother.

Unfortunately, most women who are struggling with an alcohol addiction during their pregnancy are unable to give up on the habit despite their understanding of the potentially harmful nature of the addiction. They should the seek assistance during these period of being pregnant.

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What You Need To Know About Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome is always associated with the people that have anger issues, mood swings and lack of focus. It's not very easy to tell how alcohol affects the child in the womb since each mother and her baby are different.

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) is the general term for all the effects that are bound to happen. Every medical case has its challenge peculiarity, that's regarding spectrum problems.

FASD and its effects to the child

  • Unusual tiny brains and heads
  • Spinal column and heart problems
  • Shorter in height than the average
  • B.M.I being so low than normal
  • Cerebral damage
  • Vision and hearing defects
  • Behavioural problems
  • Hindered body growth
  • Underdevelopment of the bones and other body organs

The Use Of Alcohol When Expectant

A majority of doctors believe using alcohol in any amount by an expectant mother is unsafe. Serious cases of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome are directly attributed to alcohol intake during pregnancy.

Binge drinking is defined by blood-alcohol content of 0.08%, which is typically achieved by consuming about four drinks within a period of two hours for most women. Babies who are exposed to alcohol while in the womb of the abusing mother is predisposed to develop dangerous birth defects or disorders even during maturity.

10% of mothers who are pregnant take alcohol, while about 2% abuse alcohol, this deduction was gotten from the report given by U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

Percentages Of Pregnant Women Drinking

There are so many risks that follow to any expectant mother that is equally addicted to alcohol. An abuse case is as critical as pregnancy. Careful intervention is the call of the hour in case of alcohol addiction in pregnant women.

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