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College Pupils And Drug Overuse

College campuses face widespread issues like heavy drinking, prescription substance overuse, and recreational drug consumption.

A national report shows that a huge number of abusers are college students.

Young individuals [ages 18 to 24] are already at an increased risk of addiction.

Adjusting to college life can be very stressful and overwhelming to some. For students who do not engage in extracurricular activities or clubs find it easier to socialize through drinking. A good number of pupils falls into dependence of drugs and booze after these become part of a habitual form of enjoying life.

It is surprising to know that students enrolled to attend college full time are 2x more likely to become addicts or drug abusers compared to those who are out of school.

Top Reasons Behind High Addiction Rates In College Students

The alarming rate of drug use in college may be attributed to

  • Stress
  • For students dealing with the stress of coursework, part time jobs, internships and the likes many students turn to drugs as a coping mechanism.
  • Course Load
  • Students who do not have a regular studying habit or are too tired and too hectic to establish one more often resort to stimulant use to keep them awake.
  • These prescription medications are usually obtained without a legitimate prescription in most cases.
  • Urge To Experiment
  • From a personal and professional perspective, pupils are placed before new phases of their lives.
  • It is almost usual among people at this age to explore and experiment with new things and experiences in life.
  • Influence From Others
  • Students who are part of a peer group in which many people use recreational drugs are more susceptible to use drugs.

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Prevalence Of Diet Pills And Eating Disorders In Campus

There is usually problems with dieting among many college students.

National Institute of Mental Health pegged that 1 in 4 college students suffers eating disorders. A report revealed that the number of both males and females having unhealthy eating behaviours has increased by far in the past twenty years. This disorder is causing many students to turn to diet pill abuse in order to help them lose weight. This diet pill use is linked to common health issues and even cause death. Learn about diet pill abuse and eating disorders in college students.

Types Of Drugs Found In Higher Institutions

College students are known to use almost every kind of drug.

There are some common drugs that can be found in nearly all the colleges. These include

  • Alcohol is attributed to most cases of campus troubles that are related to substance use.
  • It is also tricky to tell if a student is addicted to liquor or not because it is something that is used in many social events.
  • Many students, especially those who are stressed out about finishing study assignments on time, reach out for stimulants such as Adderall, which are also known as "study drugs".
  • Pot is now being used most by many students because many states have started legalizing it.
  • Marijuana beats alcohol consumption in some campuses.
  • Ecstasy also known as molly or MDMA, is making its comeback since it was first introduced in the early 90's.
  • It is relatively accessible among college students as a party drug, and they are more likely to use this drug as they fall under the target age range for this drug abuse.
  • One of the most common party drugs is MDMA.

Alcohol Effects On College Pupils

No other drug is more commonly abused by college students than alcohol. More and more students find it cool and associate drinking and intoxication to fun college life, earning its ubiquitous attendance in almost all college parties and sports celebrations.

The use of alcohol is widespread during college and is often condoned, and this has caused many college students to begin consuming more alcohol at a frequency that is higher than their peers who are no longer present at the college.

Booze is drunk by four out of five college pupils.

The Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism have reported that nearly half of the population in colleges indulge in excessive drinking. Binge drinking causes severe health damage over a period of time, but it also contributes to immediate mishaps like accidents and violent fights. Know about alcohol abuse among college students and the dangerous effects of alcohol on the health.

Fraternity And Sorority Drug And Alcohol Abuse

The students in the Greek system tend to drink more than those that are not even though they have an environment that hinders them from doing that.

Adderall is one of the most overused prescription substances within fraternities and sororities, way more than students outside the Greek system.

Seeking Assistance For Drug And Alcohol Abuse

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