Narcotic Anonymous NA support-groups

How Narcotics Anonymous Came About

Narcotics Anonymous was created on the model of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is the oldest and most popular support group for addicts in the UK. The achievements of the Alcoholics Anonymous led to the founding of the Narcotics Anonymous. While AA provides support for those addicted to alcohol, NA, on the other hand, focuses on those addicted to drugs. If you desire to quit drug abuse, you qualify to become an NA member. Narcotics Anonymous groups make no distinction between types of addictive substances, including alcohol. This group realises that people can be addicted to more than a single drug. Any addict is welcome if he or she wants to recover.

From Los Angeles where in 1953, NA is present now in more than 129 countries of the world.

What Goes On In An Na Meeting

The first time doing anything is always unsettling, but be encouraged, everyone you'll meet at an NA meeting has been or is where you are right now. Any person who has anything to do Narcotics Anonymous was at one point or another a drug user themselves.

No one will look down upon you because of your conditions because everyone is in that same position.

NA meetings are ordinarily discussions or have a speaker.

Opening up is one of the ways through which the members get to learn about each other in the group during the discussion sessions. In case of a speaker meeting, one or several members are asked to speak to the most of the attendees. Meetings are designed so members can share their experiences but they need to remain courteous. It may be difficult for new people to open up since they are still trying to build the trust with other members of the group. During the discussions, members speak one at a time and are asked to refrain from commenting on another person. Such conversations take place during breaks or after the meeting is ended.

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Religion In Na

NA meetings are grounded on spirituality and are not dependent on any religion. Each person is free to relate to the higher power whoever they conceive him to be. "God" is usually mentioned at NA meetings, and a prayer is said at the end of a meeting. Since it is not the same "God" they refer to, people are at liberty to recognise their own higher power. What is meant by higher power is a set of guiding moral values and strength, which has nothing to do with any religion.

A guide of what you are going to hear during your first meetings The NA "Intro to NA" material lists the following terms to help a newcomer follow the meeting

  • Addict
  • The term which is used as a reference to ourselves because we view addiction itself as the problem rather than the use of a specific substance.
  • Basic Text
  • Narcotics Anonymous is the book that holds the main ideas on the need for the existence of the group.
  • Group (Support Group, Recovery Group)
  • These are participants of the meetings of NA.
  • Higher Power
  • A spiritual being that offers guidance and help in the recovery process.
  • IPs
  • Information pamphlets about NA.
  • Newcomers
  • New NA members.
  • Relapse
  • This is a short or long return to drug use after a certain period of abstinence.
  • Sharing
  • This involves telling stories of what you've gone through during addiction and afterwards.
  • Sponsor
  • These are members who are able to guide others through the recovery steps based on their own experiences.
  • Trusted Servants
  • These are the leaders and heads of NA.

What Are Closed And Open Meetings

Just like in Alcoholic Anonymous, a Narcotics Anonymous meeting is either "open" or "closed." Any individual is allowed to attend open meetings, including those that are interested in the group and want to understand how it works or is looking forward to attending the meeting to support a loved one. The addict members are the only ones allowed to attend the "closed" meeting.

You decide which kind of group you want to be involved with. This choice is best decided after you have experienced both forms of meetings.

The Twelve Steps For Na

The treatment and support provided by Narcotics Anonymous is based on the well-known 12 steps, established by AA. There is only one difference between these programs in NA terminology a broader term "addiction" is used instead of "alcoholism" because NA doesn't draw a distinction between addictions to different substances. You can go here to find out more about the 12 steps.

Liability And Power In Numbers

The community is one of the most powerful aspects of NA. The meeting will always provide an environment in which the recovering user will feel comfortable since the people they'll find there are on the same recovery path as them.

After the new member is settled and can find their way around the group, it is time to look for a sponsor. A sponsor helps newcomers to the program by guiding them through the 12 steps as they themselves have already passed through them before. In order to establish multiple levels of accountability advice is provided that sponsors that also have a sponsor should be chosen.

Narcotics Anonymous Groups For You

Do you want to get over that addiction by joining a Narcotics Anonymous Group? More than 61 thousand of NA meetings are held every week round the world, so there are lots of options that will meet your needs and fit in your schedule. Come, we shall assist you to find an NA group near you call 0800 772 3971.